Turkish-Made Laser Weapon Cuts Through Steel Armor from 500 Meters (excerpt)
(Source: Daily Sabah; published July 6, 2018)
ISTANBUL --- Tests on the cutting-edge Turkish-made High Energy Laser System, called the IŞIN Project, have been completed successfully, showing the weapon's powerful, long-range effectiveness.

The laser weapon system is a product of Turkey's Informatics and Information Security Research Center (Tübitak Bilgem) and has been introduced by the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM).

A video posted on Twitter by Turkey’s SSM shows a laser beam penetrating 22-millimeter steel armor plate from a range of 500 meters.

The weapons is said to have been developed to effectively eliminate threats posed by unmanned aerial and underwater vehicles at the range of 500 meters as well as improvised explosive devices and suspicious roadside packages at the range of 200 meters.


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