Evaluation of the National Space Technology Programme (NSTP)
(Source: UK Space Agency; issued July 9, 2018)
This evaluation undertaken by the UK Space Agency analyses the benefits and economic impact analysis of the 2nd round of NSTP.

The National Space Technology Programme is a capability programme encouraging the development of space technology in the UK space sector. NSTP offers support by funding industry, academia and other (not for profit) government institutions who are looking to develop technology and build new capabilities for the UK.

The programme offers funding opportunities for projects across all ranges from start-up companies to more established industry across the five themes of Access to Space; Sensing; Position, Navigation & Timing; Exploration & Robotics and Telecomms.

Further details of the programme and funding opportunities can be found on the NSTP programme page.

Click here for the full report (60 PDF pages) on the UK Space Agency website.


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