MoD Review Findings to be Published 'Before Summer Recess'
(Source: British Forces News; issued July 09, 2018)
The Defence Secretary has refused to confirm that the conclusions of the Modernising Defence Programme (MDP) will be published in time for this week's NATO summit.

Gavin Williamson was asked at Defence Questions to confirm that whether or not the conclusions would be published by Wednesday as originally promised.

He could only commit to releasing the headlines of the report before the summer recess.

Nia Griffith, Shadow Secretary of State for Defence asked: "Can he now assure the house that the promise to publish before Wednesday's summit still stands?"

Mr Williamson replied: "What we're aiming to do is introduce the headline findings of the Modernising Defence Programme before the summer recess."

Ms Griffith said: "It is very troubling indeed that the UK risks going to the NATO summit without us being able to offer certainty to our allies about what our future defence capabilities will be."

The Shadow Defence Secretary went on to ask: "Can the Secretary of State tell us what assurances the Treasury will provide additional funds?"

Mr Williamson responded: "What we see is we see a Conservative Government that this year committed an extra £80 million over the budget that was going to go to the Ministry of Defence."

Last week, the government was unable to confirm whether the outcomes of the review would be delivered by next week's deadline.


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