Rostec and Atitech to Build an Aircraft Maintenance Centre
(Source: Rostec; issued July 06, 2018)
The Rostec State Corporation and the Technodinamika holding company have signed an agreement with an Italian company Atitech for design and construction of the Maintenance and Repair Centre (MRC) for aircraft, components and engines. The Centre will be built within two years and will offer the MRC services to operators of both foreign and Russian aircraft.

"The Russian-Italian business dialogue has always been on a quite high level, and the structure of economic cooperation of the two countries allows to speak about a significant potential for both parties. Technodinamika has already gained rich experience in arranging the maintenance and repair operations for aircraft, and cooperation with the Italian company Atitech will enable it to strengthen its market positions and expand its presence in the Moscow Region where the demand for MRC services is the highest in Russia. The new maintenance centre will also become a critical link in the system for aftersales maintenance of the new MS-21 airliner," stated Sergey Chemezov, CEO of Rostec.

The Centre's competences will also enable maintenance of the most advanced Russian-built civil aircraft SSJ-100 and MS-21, and foreign Boeing, Airbus and Bombardier aircraft.

"The arrangements made with our Italian partners prove that there are no geopolitical or economic barriers to cooperation of honest businesses. With the support from the Rostec State Corporation, we will continue to develop our collaboration with foreign partners, study the best world's practices and offer our products and services on foreign markets," noted Igor Nasenkov, CEO of Technodinamika.


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