Parliament Agrees Financing for Military Plane
(Source: Delano; posted July 11, 2018)
By Duncan Roberts
Luxembourg will get its Airbus A400M military plane, which it will share with Belgium, in spring 2020.

Parliament has passed a law that allows the government to finance the operational costs of an A400M military plane.

The grand duchy will share the Airbus A400M Atlas, which is designed to be “a tactical airlifter with strategic capabilities”, with the Belgian military.

It will contribute one-eighth of the operational costs, which will mean an annual bill of between €11 and €12 million, bringing expenditure to around €420 million for the 35-year lifespan of the plane.

Parliament had already voted in favour of the €168 million cost of the plane back in 2005 after the two countries’ governments had agreed to purchase the A400M. An additional €28 million VAT bill will also have to be paid by Luxembourg. (end of excerpt)

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