Turkish Aerospace Deals 30 T129 ATAK Combat Helicopters with Pakistan Army
(Source: Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Industries; issued July 13, 2018)
Developed by Turkey from the Italian Army’s Agusta A-129 Mangusta, the T129 ATAK attack helicopter has finally achieved its first export sale, marking another milestone in the development of Turkey’s defense industry. (TAI photo)
ANKARA, Turkey --- Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. is pleased to announce that the ongoing negotiations between Pakistan Ministry of Defence Production (MoDP) and Turkish Aerospace has successfully been finalized and signed the contract for the procurement of 30 units T129 ATAK Helicopters within a comprehensive package including logistics, ammunition, spares, ground support equipment and training.

The T129 ATAK multirole combat helicopter, which sets new standards in the global market, optimized for the specific harsh geographical conditions, is a new generation, tandem seat, twin engine helicopter, specifically designed for attack and reconnaissance purposes with the best “performance and maneuver capability” in its class.

T129 ATAK has unique survivability features, new generation engine, state of art avionics and asymmetric weapon delivery capability, which provides highly mobile and lethal attack capability against personnel, ground and air targets.

T129 ATAK Helicopter has been tested by Pakistan Army in Turkey and Pakistan environmental and geographical conditions. Thanks to its outstanding features and mission capabilities, T129 ATAK has successfully passed all required tests in order to meet of the Pakistan Army needs.


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