Ukraine Officially Appealed to the United States with Proposal to Buy Air Defense Systems
(Source: Ukraine Military News; posted Aug. 29, 2018)
Ukraine officially appealed to the United States with a proposal to buy air defense systems. This was stated by Valeriy Chaly, Ambassador of Ukraine to the USA.

According to him, the Ukrainian Army needs at least three air defense systems. The cost of each is about $ 750 million, so the total amount of a possible deal will exceed $ 2 billion. Although, he refused specify what type of air defense system Ukraine is requesting. There is only one US air defense system that has a price tag close to the announced figure – Patriot.

“Our needs for the next period, in my opinion, are maritime space, airspace. These are the things without which we simply will not be able to provide defense of the country,” explained the ambassador.

The diplomat also said that Ukraine needs unmanned aerial vehicles, counter-battery radar systems and anti-sniper systems. According to him, the request for the acquisition of military equipment was voiced at high level meetings, including in person Peter Poroshenko Donald Trump, as well as his National Security Advisor John Bolton.

Earlier, Stepan Poltorak, Defense Minister of Ukraine, spoke about the need for acquiring new air defense systems. In May, answering the question on what types of weapons, besides Javelin anti-tank systems, Ukraine is requesting from the US, Ministry of Defense responded that “Ukraine need to develop Air Force”.


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