IAF Aircraft Conducts Mid-Air Refuelling of Tejas Fighter Jet (excerpt)
(Source: Press Trust of India; published Sep 4, 2018)
BENGALURU, India --- A dry run of mid-air refuelling of Tejas fighter jet by an Indian Air Force aircraft was successfully conducted, a defence source said Tuesday.

The test conducted involved a dry linkup, meaning no fuel was actually transferred between Indian Air Force Il-78 tanker and Tejas fighter jet through its air-to-air refuelling probe, the source told PTI here.

Nine more tests will be held which would also include wet tests where the actual transfer of fuel takes place from the tanker to the fighter, the source added.

India's indigenously built light combat aircraft Tejas, the smallest and lightest multi-role supersonic fighter aircraft in its class, had commenced operations from the Sulur Air Force Station in Tamil Nadu on July 2, two years after its induction into the Indian Air Force. (end of excerpt)

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