Safran and Piaggio Aerospace: A Winning Combination for Italian Aerospace Industries and Defense
(Source: Safran Helicopter Engines; issued Sept 05, 2018)
Safran Helicopter Engines and Piaggio Aerospace are teaming up to produce and support the new Aneto engine family. The Italian aerospace company is a key partner of this helicopter engine program contributing to the production of critical parts in the low-pressure turbine module for all Aneto variants and is ready to support the engines in service for Italy.

"We are proud to have Piaggio Aerospace aboard our Aneto program as it is a global and very skilled player in the aero engine sector and contribute to the development of the aerospace industries in Liguria", commented Bruno Bellanger, Safran Helicopter Engines, EVP Programs.

Safran as the world leading manufacturer of rotorcraft turbines and Piaggio Aerospace, a major Italian aerospace player, are notably the perfect combination to support the needs of the Italian armed forces, and both partners are ready to increase their relationships in the field of engine support and complete engine testing and assembly, with the Piaggio's Villanova d'Albenga plant in Liguria region as focal point. Over the years, Piaggio Aerospace has acquired an extensive knowledge and robust skills in the field of Italian military fleets support and became the Italian specialist for MRO activities.

"Both companies demonstrate a high level of experience and robust skills when it comes to provide and support highly performant engine solutions for demanding military operators", says Bruno Bellanger.

Unveiled last year in Helitech, Aneto family is the most recent high-power engine family. Designed for new super-medium and heavy helicopter market (8-15 t), this truly European engine solution feature several models covering 2,500 to over 3,000 shp power range and incorporates ground-breaking technologies.

Thanks to an exceptional power-to-volume ratio, Aneto engine family offers 25 % greater power (when compared to existing engines of same volume), contributing to increased mission capabilities especially during demanding missions requiring more power like offshore, search and rescue, fire-fighting or military transport, as well as better performance in "hot and high" conditions. It has great growth potential for new helicopter platforms.

Leonardo is the first airframer to select this 2,500 shp engine model to power its twin-engine AW189K. First flight of the Aneto-1K fitted to this helicopter has taken place on January 2017. Aneto-1K is a new alternative engine solution for this rotorcraft. AW189 entry into service is planned for 2019.

Leonardo and Safran Helicopter Engines are partnering since the 80's. First partnership has been built around RTM322-powered EH101. Today, this engine powers 60% of the worldwide fleet of EH101 (AW101) helicopters. Leonardo is also part of NH Industries joint ventures that build the NH90 (80% of the NH90 fleet is RTM322-powered).


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