Comparing the Costs of Submarine Maintenance at Public and Private Shipyards
(Source: Congressional Budget Office; issued Sept 12, 2018
CBO found that maintenance at private shipyards has been less expensive, on average, than at public shipyards for the most common type of overhaul for certain attack submarines.

Recently, several Navy attack submarines have been delayed in receiving maintenance at public shipyards. As a result, they have missed deployments or had shortened deployments. CBO was asked by the House Armed Services Committee to compare the maintenance costs at public and private shipyards.

CBO’s analysis focused on the most common type of overhaul, the Docking Selected Restricted Availability (DSRA), for SSN-688 class submarines. CBO found that no matter which method it used to calculate costs, private shipyards were less expensive, on average, than public shipyards for DSRA overhauls.

The methodology and findings in this slide deck will be more thoroughly documented in a forthcoming CBO report.

Click here for the full story, on the CBO website.


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