McSally Continues to Lead Fight for Critical A-10 Funding
(Source: Office of US Representative Martha McSally; issued Sept 12, 2018)
WASHINGTON, D.C. --- Today, U.S. Representative Martha McSally led a bicameral letter to the Defense Appropriations Conference Committee urging that the committee fund the A-10 wing replacement program at the full authorized amount of $144 million to accelerate re-winging of the A-10 fleet in fiscal year 2019. This would mitigate aircraft groundings and prevent a critical capability gap in the Air Force’s operational forces.

“The A-10 Warthog is instrumental in U.S. contingency operations around the globe and continues to be utilized to the fullest extent in multiple combat theaters. Due to this high level of demand, we are literally ‘flying the wings off’ these aircraft,” said Congresswoman McSally. “Without accelerated funding for wing replacements, the Air Force will be forced to begin grounding some of these aircraft until new wings can be provided. Our combatant commanders and the ground troops that depend on the Warthog’s unique, life-saving mission capabilities cannot afford this delay. Congress must act to provide increased funding now to ensure the entire A-10 fleet stays healthy and ready at a moment’s notice.”

This letter builds upon Representative McSally’s amendment to the House-passed Defense Appropriations bill which increased proposed funding for the A-10 wing replacement program by $65 million above the Air Force’s initial budget request. Since her election to Congress in 2015, Representative McSally has led the fight to reverse the Air Force’s decision to prematurely mothball the A-10 fleet. So far, she has successfully secured more than $128 million to re-start the A-10 wing replacement program, which will provide one-third of the fleet with new wings and ensure that the fleet will remain operation into the 2030’s.

Click HERE to read Representative McSally’s full letter.


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