Second Lada Class Submarine Launched in St. Petersburg
(Source: TASS; published Sept 20, 2018)
The Admiralty Shipyards in St. Petersburg today launched Kronshtadt, the second Lada-class submarine for the Russian Navy, whose construction began in 2005 and was paused before resuming in 2013. (Admiralty Shipyard photo)
ST. PETERSBURG --- A second diesel-electric submarine of project 677 (Lada class), The Kronshtadt, was launched in a special ceremony at the Admiralty Shipyards in St. Petersburg on Thursday, a TASS correspondent reports.

"The importance of this event is hard to overestimate. The submarine began to be built in 2005. There have been some pauses in construction work and in financing, but the launch day has come at last. The delay in construction work allowed for using the experience gained in building and operating the submarine St. Petersburg.

“By all parameters this submarine surpasses its predecessor - project 636. We are certain that the future of non-nuclear submarine force of the Russian Navy should be pinned on project 677. There will be a large series," Admiralty Shipyards CEO Alexander Buzakov said at the ceremony.

Project 677 submarines of the Lada class belong with the fourth generation of diesel-electric subs. In the surface position its displacement is about 1,750 tonnes. The maximum speed under water is 21 knots. Lada has a crew of 35 and carries Kalibr cruise missiles.

The St. Petersburg is the lead ship of project 677. Its keel-laying ceremony took place in 1997. It was handed over to the Russian Navy in 1997 for experimental operation, which is due to end in 2019.

The Kronshtadt began to be built in 2005. At a certain point the project was paused to be resumed in 2013. Currently the Admiralty Shipyards is building another Lada class submarine - The Velikiye Luki.


JSC "Admiralteyskie Verfi" Launched the Submarine "Kronshtadt"
(Source: Admiralty Shipyards JSC; issued Sept 20, 2018)
(Issued in Russian; unofficial translation by
SAINT-PETERSBURG, Russia --- At the Admiralty Shipyards JSC (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation), a ceremony was held today for the launch of the diesel-electric submarine Kronstadt, a Project 677 Lada-class boat for the Russian Navy.

Alexander Buzakov, General Director of Admiralteiskiye Verfi, said that the launch of the ship was a significant event: "Today, we launch a ship laid down in 2005, but whose financing and construction were later suspended. This forced pause allowed us to take into account the experience of operating in the Northern Fleet the first submarine of this class, the St. Petersburg. Next year, we plan to sign contracts for the fourth and fifth boats of this class, and we believe that the future of the non-nuclear submarine fleet is behind the project 677!"

On behalf of the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, the participants in the official ceremony were greeted by the Deputy Chief of the Shipbuilding Department of the Russian Navy's Main Command, Captain 1st Rank Mikhail Krasnopeev: "The whole history of the Admiralty Shipyards, beginning in the era of Peter the Great, shows that the company is able to build unique ships. And today's launch is a vivid confirmation of this. It is a great honor for Russian sailors to serve on such modern submarines."

The submarine "Kronstadt" - the second in the series of project 677 "Lada" - was laid in July 2005. In 2009, under the decision of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the construction order was suspended until the transfer to the pilot operation of the main order of the series of submarines "St. Petersburg". The state contract to resume the construction of the ship was signed on July 9, 2013.

The submarine "Kronstadt" is built according to original design, corrected by the results of the pilot operation of the main ship. On the ships, the shipboard technical equipment control system, the electrical powerplant, and the navigation system have been deeply modernized. In the long term, the submarines of the Lada class are planned to be equipped with an anaerobic air-independent plant (AIP), developed by specialists of the MT Rubin Central Design Bureau.

The submarines of Project 677 Lada belong to the fourth generation of non-nuclear submarines and are now recognized as the most modern and promising domestic non-nuclear submarines, both from the point of view of combat effectiveness and other tactical and technical characteristics. JSC "Admiralteyskie Verfi" is the only shipbuilding facility of this class.

It is significant that the launch of the submarine "Kronstadt" takes place in the conditions of a large-scale reconstruction of the slip-completion plant, which is carried out within the framework of the Federal Target Program "Development of the Defense Industrial Complex for the period 2011-2020". Upon its completion, the company will create a modern specialized complex of a closed cycle for the construction of non-nuclear submarines, which will optimize the production process and expand the capabilities of the Admiralty shipyards in the construction of underwater orders. This reconstruction work is carried out without stopping the existing production, and do not affect the terms of execution of the contracts of the enterprise.

The tactical and technical characteristics of the submarine project 677 Lada:
-- underwater speed, in knots: 21
-- Underwater range at economic speed of 3 knots, in miles: 650
-- the maximum diving depth: 300 meters
-- surface displacement: 1,765 cubic meters
-- length: 66.8 meters
-- width: 7.1 meters
-- autonomy: 45 days
-- crew: 35 people
-- number of torpedo tubes: six
-- weapons: 6 missiles and 18 x 533mm torpedoes.


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