Modernization Contract of the Chinook Helicopters Authorized
(Source: Spanish Council of Ministers; issued Sept. 21, 2018)
(Issued in Spanish; unofficial translation by
Authorized by the Cabinet on Friday, Spain’s Chinook upgrade will begin before the end of the year, and the first modernized helicopter will be handed over in 2021, while the final one is to follow in 2025. (FAMET photo)
The Council of Ministers has approved the award of a contract to modernize the Chinook helicopter fleet, from model 'D' to model 'F', for an estimated value of 819,229,270.00 euros.

The purpose of this agreement is to ensure the availability of the Army’s heavy transport helicopters beyond the year 2020.

The modernization program will increase the operational capability in all theaters of operations, increase the safety of the occupants during the execution of the mission, and ensure the necessary interoperability with allied armies. Likewise, maintenance costs will be reduced in the short, medium and long term, as it is estimated that the new 'F' version will require approximately 56% fewer maintenance hours per flight hour.

The modernization activities will begin in 2018, which will enable the reception of the first upgraded helicopter in 2021, and will be completed in 2025.

The authorized contract falls within the provisions of the Agreement of September 7, 2018, which modifies the limits established in the agreement of the Council of Ministers of July 27, 2018, based on the provisions of article 47 of Law 47/2003, of November 26, general budget, to acquire expenditure commitments charged to future years, in order to enable the Ministry of Defense to reprogram the annuities relating to various Special Programs for the Modernization of the Armed Forces.


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