F-35 JPO Stands Up Working Group to Ensure ALIS Long-Term Viability (excerpt)
(Source: Inside Defense; posted Oct 01, 2018)
By Justin Katz
The F-35 Joint Program Office has stood up a working group that includes contractor representatives to ensure the aircraft’s logistics information system remains viable into the 2070 timeframe, according to the program executive officer.

"We are doing an [Autonomic Logistics Information System] working group evaluation of how we need to re-architect the ALIS system to ensure the long-term viability and scalability well into the 2070 time frame," F-35 Program Executive Officer Vice Adm. Mat Winter told reporters today at a roundtable.

The working group includes representation from F-35 prime contractor Lockheed Martin and engine provider Pratt & Whitney, Winter emphasized. (end of excerpt)

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