Air2030 - Swiss Industry Meets Selected Candidates for CAP in Bern and Lausanne
(Source: Swiss Defence Procurement Agency, Armasuisse; issued Oct 08, 2018)
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BERN --- As part of the acquisition of the next fighter jet (Prochain Avion de Combat, PAC), fully 100% of the purchase price must be compensated by business awarded to Swiss industry. In order to activate the cooperation between the five candidates selected for the CAP and Swiss industry, the Office of Compensatory Affairs in Berne, Swissmem / SWISS ASD and the GRPM will organize in October 2018, for each candidate, an event in Bern and Lausanne intended to establish contacts.

The acquisition of the next combat aircraft must be fully offset by additional orders by the candidates from Swiss industrial companies. In order to fulfill this obligation, candidates are required, among other things, to contact the Swiss industry early enough and to collect information on possible compensatory cases *. These early contacts are all the more necessary that candidates must submit with their initial offer a concept for the implementation of compensation obligations.

The five candidates are: Airbus (Eurofighter), Boeing (Super Hornet), Dassault (Rafale), Lockheed Martin (F-35A) and Saab (Gripen E).

Business to Business meetings in Bern and Lausanne

To encourage cooperation between applicants and the Swiss industry, the Office for Compensatory Affairs in Bern, Swissmem / SWISS ASD (Association of the Swiss Machine, Electrical Equipment and Metals Industry) and GRPM (Groupe Romand for defense and security equipment) will organize in October 2018, for each candidate, two separate events. These will take place in Bern and Lausanne.

Each event will begin with a short presentation of the candidate. Essentially, Swiss companies and those of the candidate will meet during brief business-to-business meetings (with partner companies, main suppliers, etc.). Nearly 80 Swiss firms of industrial branches admitted for compensatory business ** registered for individual events. Participation is reserved for registered companies.

Objectives of Offsets for Arms Acquisition from Abroad

-- Maintaining the important capabilities and know-how of the Swiss technological and industrial base important for security;
-- Guaranteeing key competences essential for the maintenance and improvement of military and civilian assets of the Swiss army;
-- Sustaining access to new markets and supply chains of leading international producers
-- Encouraging the transfer of know-how from abroad to Switzerland
-- Generation of additional contracts and, therefore, consolidation of current jobs and creation of new jobs.

* The terms “offset” and “compensation” are synonymous.
** According to the countervailing business policy of 01.04.2018: machinery industry, metallurgical industry, electronics and electrotechnical industry, optical industry, watch industry, vehicle / wagon construction industry, rubber and plastic products, products chemical industry, aeronautics and space industry, computer industry / Software-engineering, cooperation with universities and research institutes.


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