China Will Display Defense and Space Progress at Air Show
(Source: China Daily; issued Oct 10, 2018)
Defense behemoth China North Industries Group Corp, or Norinco Group (CNIGC) and space giant China Aerospace Science & Technology Corp (CASC) are taking up lots of space for the unveiling of new products at Airshow China next month.

Their static-dynamic presentations of modern weaponry systems and a new-generation launch vehicle rocket family will add to the depth of the China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition. The high-powered lineup promises further breakthroughs at the show's 12th edition from Nov 6 to 11 in Jinwan District, Zhuhai.

The Chinese frontrunner and pioneer in military trade will mount its largest-ever display. The exhibition size has been enlarged to accommodate CNIGC's many achievements in systematic equipment integration and a combat system based on coordinated land-force operations.

It is a giant leap from previously used single-equipment mode to packaged system solutions, according to Li Zhaozhi, deputy general manager of the CNIGC Military Product Business Department.

The company's displays will include about 100 system products in air defense, coastal defense, ground strikes, unmanned combat, early warning and surveillance security, commercial aerospace, and command communications and support. Sixty percent of them are to make maiden appearances.

Products in the static display area will use advanced hi-tech such as virtual reality. Other exhibits will take advantage of the 110-hecatres (27-acre) dynamic ground demonstration area, the largest in the event's history.

Main battle tanks, wheeled armored vehicles, crawler-type infantry fighting vehicles, and other equipment will climb slopes, wade in ponds, and perform snake-shaped maneuvers. Training demonstrations of shooting, basic tactics, equipment deployment, and withdrawal will also be included.

CNIGC continues to maintain double-digit profit growth with increasing global competitiveness. The company ranked 140th in the 2018 Fortune Global 500 list, up from 205th place in 2012, Li added.

State-owned CASC is a leading researcher, designer, and manufacturer of space systems in China. The developer of famous brands such as Shenzhou and Long March will showcase 184 of its best and most recent products.

The highlight will be the debut of its carrier rocket family (model: 1:10). The Long March-11, or CZ-11 (Chang Zheng-11), developed by the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT), will draw much attention. According to Jin Xin, deputy chief commander of the project, the CZ-11 has a diameter of 2 m (6.6 ft) and is the only solid-fueled carrier rocket of the Long March family. It is easy to operate, cost-efficient to launch, and quick to connect to satellites.

Furthermore, the launch vehicle can remain in storage for long periods and launch reliably on short notice. The CZ-11 has sent Zhuhai-1 micro-nano satellites aloft twice and recorded another two successful operations.

The outstanding capabilities have won 1 billion yuan (USD 156 million) worth of orders in two years. The Chang'e 4 detector and relay star (model: 1:3) and other R&D milestones will also be exhibited for the first time. CALT will offer ample commercial opportunities and welcome business negotiations at its new rocket release conferences.


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