The Role of Electronic Warfare in the Russian Armed Forces
(Source: Swedish Defence Research Agency, FOI; issued Oct. 04, 2018)
How have Russian Electronic Warfare capabilities developed, and what lies ahead? Because of its technical nature, Electronic Warfare is usually left to specialists. This is something that this report is attempting to change.

The amount of attention that Russian Electronic Warfare has recently attracted is unusual. This awakened interest stems primarily from the Russian use of Electronic Warfare in eastern Ukraine and Syria.

However, this study shows that the focus on high-profile use in these countries largely ignores Russian priorities and advances that are of equal of even greater importance.

New offensive Russian Electronic warfare capabilities are often overemphasized or even exaggerated, while Russian efforts put into protective and preventive Electronic Warfare measures are more often overlooked and understated.

Click here for the full report (107 PDF pages) on the FOI website.


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