Argentina Selects Rheinmetall Oerlikon Skyguard III Radar
(Source: Forecast International; issued Nov 01, 2018)
BUENOS AIRES -- Argentina has selected the Oerlikon Skyguard III air defense radar system, produced by Rheinmetall Defense, to meet a need for air surveillance. Argentina announced the decision in its October issue of its official bulletin.

According to the statement, the Argentine army found that there were no other manufacturers that could meet the same quality and safety conditions while also meeting technical and maintenance requirements.

Argentina initiated the search for a radar system in May 2018. Rheinmetall was the sole bidder for the contract, making an offer in the amount of CHF3.45 million ($3.44 million), which Argentina has now accepted.

Argentina has been acquiring new air defense radars recently in order to improve its ability to defend its airspace during international events and conferences, such as an upcoming G20 conference.

In addition to the Skyguard III, Argentina has acquired Thales ground Observer 80s, six new L-band radar systems from INVAP, and upgraded older radars like its Elta EL/M-2106 and TPS-43s.


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