Broad Agency Announcement: Glide Breaker
(Source: Darpa Tactical Technology Office; issued Nov 06, 2018)
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is soliciting innovative proposals in the following technical area: counter-hypersonics. Proposed research should investigate innovative approaches that enable revolutionary advances in science, devices, or systems.

Specifically excluded is research that primarily results in evolutionary improvements to the existing state of practice.

Glide Breaker intends to advance the United States’ (U.S.) means to counter hypersonic vehicles. This BAA solicits proposals to develop and demonstrate a technology that is critical for enabling an advanced interceptor capable of engaging maneuvering hypersonic threats in the upper atmosphere.

The Glide Breaker Program may request proposals for separate and additional technology development work through a separate BAA in the mid-fiscal year 2019 (FY19) timeframe, subject to DARPA’s discretion and funding availability.

Concise description of the funding opportunity – Glide Breaker will develop an enabling technology critical for an advanced interceptor capable of defeating hypersonic vehicles. Key aspects of the Glide Breaker program are classified. Only proposals addressing the classified aspects of Glide Breaker will be eligible for funding under this BAA.

DARPA seeks proposals that present a credible path to a low cost, rapid demonstration of program objectives.

-- Anticipated Individual Awards - Single Award (additional awards possible pending funding availability)
-- DARPA will consider up to and no more than two (2) separate proposals per organization in response to this solicitation.

o Posting Date: 6 November 2018
o Questions Due Date: 20 November 2018
o Proposal Due Date and Time: 21 December 2018 at 5pm Eastern Standard Time

Click here for the full story, on the Federal Business Opportunities website.


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