FMV Pilot In Air with Gripen E
(Source: Swedish Defense Materiél Agenc,y FMV, issued Nov 15, 2018)
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Henrik Wänseth, test pilot at FMV, made his first flight with Gripen E this week. "It was both fun and good to see that what we saw in rigs and simulators was in line with the aircraft in reality.

In the development of Gripen E, FMV, the Armed Forces and Saab together carry out validation and verification of the aircraft system. As part of that work, FMV's test pilot Henrik Wänseth conducted an approximately two-hour long flight over Östergötland. Among other things, engine functions, auxiliary power generator APU, radar and performance were tested.

"It went very well, according to plan. Flying Gripen E was also a major target for both FMV and myself. It was both fun and good to see that what we saw in rigs and simulators was in line with the aircraft in reality," says Henrik Wänseth.

Joint test

In order to optimize and maintain a high pace in the testing and completion of the aircraft system, a common verification and validation between industry, FMV and Armed Forces is a prerequisite. At the same time, the fact that all parties are involved early in the development work increases the quality. As part of that work, Henrik, a project pilot for Gripen E on FMV Test & Evaluation, has been located at Saab in the last two years.

"My role as project pilot flight means that I will keep a close eye on how it works with the development and testing of the aircraft. During this time, I have participated in simulators, rigs and control rooms. And now it's also starting to fly the plane, "says Henrik Wänseth.

Intensive test period

The testing program for the JAS 39 Gripen E is in an intensive period. With the first test aircraft, you are currently flying with different configurations of external load, which is a step closer to weapon integration. Testing is also conducted with the next two aircraft while several aircraft are in production.

"It will be very exciting to see the tactical systems collaborated with the basic aircraft we have here as a stable platform. It will be both fun and interesting to see how it grows into a complete combat aircraft system," concludes Henrik Wänseth.

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