MMP Missile Endorsed by EU
(Source: MBDA; issued Nov 21, 2018)
An MMP battlefield missile during French Army qualification trials at the Canjuers maneuver range in south-eastern France. (MBDA photo)
The EU BLOS project aims at developing a family of BLOS missiles with back image and man in the loop capabilities.

EU Defence ministers have endorsed on 19 November the EU BLOS (Beyond Line Of Sight) project amongst a list of 17 defence projects aiming at being implemented in the frame of Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO). Proposed by France and supported by Belgium and Cyprus, the EU BLOS project is the first missile system project to benefit from this new cooperation framework.

Promoting a differentiating operational capability for military operations, this project will contribute to a consistent and autonomous European approach in the land combat domain whilst enhancing the qualitative contribution of European nations to the achievement of NATO’s level of ambition. The land combat domain has been recognized since June 2018 as one of the 11 European capability priorities.

The EU BLOS project aims at developing a family of BLOS missiles with back image and man in the loop capabilities. Based on the MMP missile system, this family of products will be fully mastered by European industry, which provides full autonomy of use, security of supply and future evolutions, to the benefit of the 25 PESCO member nations.

One of the first priorities of this project will focus on defining a European doctrine of use and its associated concepts of operation. This project will pave the way for the creation of a European users’ club which will develop the growth potential of the MMP missile system in terms of missile evolutions as well as in terms of integration to a wide range of land and air platforms.

The EU BLOS project will also benefit from the CAMO (Capacité Motorisée) bilateral strategic partnership between France and Belgium, helping build operational and capability synergies across the armies of both nations.

As a provision of the Treaty on European Union, PESCO is a binding framework and process aiming at strengthening cooperation among a number of Member States of the Union. This permanent framework of defence cooperation allows the 25 participating countries to jointly develop defence capabilities, invest in joint projects and enhance the operational readiness and the contribution of their armed forces.

The aim is to jointly develop defence capabilities and make them available for EU military operations, which will enhance the EU’s capacity as an international security actor, contribute to the protection of European citizens and maximise the effectiveness of defence investments.

With a significant presence in five European countries and within the USA, in 2017 MBDA achieved a turnover of 3.1 billion euros with an order book of 16.8 billion euros. With more than 90 armed forces customers in the world, MBDA is a world leader in missiles and missile systems. MBDA is jointly held by Airbus (37.5%), BAE Systems (37.5%), and Leonardo (25%).


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