Brazilian Navy Launches National Anti-Ship Missile
(Source: Brazilian Navy; issued Nov. 30, 2018)
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The Brazilian Navy corvette Barroso carried out the first development test firing of the MANSUP anti-ship missile, developed by its national industry, on Nov. 27. It is broadly similar to the Exocet Block 2s presently in service. (BR Navy photo)
The Brazilian Navy on Tuesday (27/11) launched the first prototype of the National Anti-Ship Missile (Míssil Antinavio Nacional de Superfície, or MANSUP), 300 km off the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

The test confirmed the correct functioning of several subsystems, and the need for improvement in some others. Data of its in-flight behavior were recorded by telemetry, also developed in Brazil and, after it is analyzed, will guide the next development steps and launches.

The MANSUP is 5.6 meters long, weighs about a tonne and accelerates to a speed of 1,000 km/h in less than seven seconds.

This Strategic Project was started 10 years ago in partnership with several national contractors: AVIBRAS, responsible for the propulsion; SIATT, which develops the guidance system, control and telemetry; OMNISYS, which designs the target detection radar; and the EZUTE Foundation, which assists in coordinating the necessary work.

The data obtained with this launch will allow to continue the evolution of this project developed with exclusively national technology, and which place our country in the select group of manufacturers of missiles of this size.


AVIBRAS Starts the Qualification Process of the MANSUP Anti-Ship Missile
(Source: Avibras; issued June 25, 2018)
AVIBRAS has started the qualification phase of the MANSUP (Surface Anti-Ship Missile), developed in partnership with the Brazilian Navy (MB) and other IDB (Industrial Defence Base) companies. At this stage, the Test Flight Models and the prototypes to be launched from ship will be assembled and tested.

MANSUP is a strategic project of the Brazilian Navy that will equip the future ships of the Brazilian Navy fleet. The launching of the first prototype is scheduled for next October.

Currently, AVIBRAS is responsible for supplying the rocket-motor, the development of the SAU (Safety and Arming Unit), which is a sophisticated system responsible for arming and securing the motor, the development of the wings, gutters, attachment rings among many parts of the missile and the assemble and test of the prototypes.

The MANSUP project came on the stream of the success of the development of the AV-RE 40 motor for the Exocet missiles of the Brazilian Navy. AVIBRAS considers this project a priority and works for its success in the qualification phase, which will allow its continuity to the production phase.

AVIBRAS and its technical partners keep going strong together with the Brazilian Navy, honoring their commitment with this important project for Brazil.


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