France Prepares Sale of Aster 30 SAMP / T and VL Mica ZRK
(Source:; posted Dec 01, 2018)
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Negotiations on purchase and sale of ASTER 30 SAMP / T and VL Mica air defense systems are expected to be finalized soon.

AzeriDefense magazine has been informed by MBDA Systems representative.

According to representatives of the company, which is close to the idea between the parties, discussions are continuing since 2014. However, due to falling oil prices and financial problems in the past, there have been some delays in the process.

"The Azerbaijani side has been informed of the capabilities of these systems and is happy. We have received permission from the French government for export. We think that this system will provide the best protection for Azerbaijan from air attacks," the company said.

Surface-based ASTER 30 SAMP / T complexes can neutralize targets up to 120 km. Both complexes use short- and long-range missiles, and have a high probability of hitting high-speed targets, of between 96% and -98%.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This report has been picked up by several Azeri and Central Asian media outlets, and has not been denied.
A spokesman for MBDA said that he had no knowledge of the sale of air-defense systems to Azerbaijan, and could not comment on the report.
The Franch ambassy un Baku did not respond to our request for comment.
France is negotiating the sale of Gowind corvettes, whose armament can include MICA VL air-defense missiles, to Azerbaijan, so an extension to include the ground-based air-defense SAMP/T system would not appear illogical.)


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