Seaspray's Broad, Diverse Customer Base Will Continue to Drive Sales Over the Coming Years
(Source: Forecast International; issued Dec 04, 2018)
NEWTOWN, Conn. -- Since the 1970s, the Seaspray has been continually updated by Leonardo and its earlier incarnations, enhancing the radar with the most modern technologies. Over the past decade alone, several new AESA Seaspray models have been released, including the 5000E, 7000E, 7300E, and 7500E. Leonardo has surveyed the market and tailored each model to fit a wide variety of surveillance needs.

Part of Leonardo's strategy has been to develop the Seaspray in such a way that it is platform agnostic. The radar can be configured for virtually any aerial vehicle, whether manned or unmanned, fixed- or rotary-wing. This gives the Seaspray a large and diverse customer base.

It remains to be seen how enthusiastically the market will accept the Seaspray, although a growing portfolio of potential platforms will help the radar's cause.

Meanwhile, the Seaspray continues to enjoy sales in support of traditional, piloted aircraft. From budget patrol aircraft such as the P2006T MRI, to full-size patrol aircraft such as the ATR 72, to helicopters like the Lynx, Seaspray sales in support of manned aircraft remain strong. Going forward, barring any unforeseen developments, Seaspray sales will continue to be robust.

With its diverse set of host platforms, strong capability, and contemporary technology, Seaspray will see healthy sales in the coming years.


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