FMV Looks to the Armed Forces' Artillery and Weapon Localization Capabilities
(Source: Swedish Defense Material Agency FMV; issued Dec 05, 2018)
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FMV has ordered service life extension of the Arthur artillery location system and a multifunctional radar system (MFRR) from Saab. The order of MFRR creates the prerequisites for carrying out an operational evaluation aimed at providing the best possible starting point for future sales of the capability.

To quickly detect and warn of incoming threats, such as projectiles from tube and rocket artillery, is an important ability for the Swedish defense. The existing Arthur 2091 artillery location system was delivered in the 90s and plays an important role in the Swedish War Organization. The measures FMV takes in connection with this project will cover both the radar and the carrier.

"The measures we are now going to take on the Arthur system aim at meeting the needs of the war unions until the entire system is to be marketed," says Jonas Waltari, Head of the Indirect Fire Division at FMV.

The Artillery Location System Arthur was delivered in the 90s. The modernization that FMV does in connection with this project includes both the radar and the carrier.

By also acquiring a multifunctional system, FMV creates the conditions for the Armed Forces to be able to carry out operational radar ability evaluations. In turn, it will provide a well-developed demand profile for the turnover of the entire ability. In addition to technology, the operational evaluation will also aim at testing organization and methodology associated with multifunctional capabilities.

"The technology and ability represented in this system are not necessarily exactly the one we will translate the whole ability with. We see the MFRR system as a way to get the best possible starting point, "says Jonas Waltari.

A multifunction radar gives the user the opportunity to operate in one and the same system, air monitoring, warning and artillery location.


Saab Receives Swedish Order for Giraffe 4A and Arthur Radars
(Source: Saab; issued Dec 05, 2018)
Saab has received an order from the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) to develop and maintain the Armed Forces’ artillery and weapon locating capability. The order includes Saab’s Giraffe 4A multi-function radar and life extension of the artillery locating system Arthur.

Deliveries of the modern ground-based multi-function system Giraffe 4A and the life extension of Arthur will create conditions for the Armed Forces’ long-range surveillance capability in the long term and give the defence new possibilities to handle existing and future threats. The work will take place at Saab in Gothenburg with deliveries from 2019.

“Our ground-based radar Giraffe 4A strengthens our customers’ capability to detect incoming threats including tactical ballistic missiles. Tensions around us are increasing and the system gives our customers a world-class multi-function capability that helps to protect their interests”, says Anders Carp, Head of Saab’s business area Surveillance.

Giraffe 4A is a multi-function radar that gives the user a range of capabilities, one system can be used for air surveillance and air defence as well as warning and artillery locating tasks. It is a digital multi-channel system featuring Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) technology based on gallium nitride (GaN).

Arthur and the Giraffe radar family are produced at Saab’s Gothenburg premises, a world-leading centre for microwave and sensor technology. Several of the most advanced radar and sensor systems available on the market are produced there. Saab’s radar and electronic warfare offer also includes the airborne surveillance solution GlobalEye, sensor systems for the Gripen fighter and the self-protection system family Arexis.

Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions within military defence and civil security. Saab has operations and employees on all continents around the world. Through innovative, collaborative and pragmatic thinking, Saab develops, adopts and improves new technology to meet customers’ changing needs.


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