Coastal Phase of Indra Navy 2018 Russian-Indian Naval Exercise Takes Place in India
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Dec 11, 20118)
A detachment of the Pacific Fleet warships made up of the PF flagship Guards Order of Nakhimov missile cruiser Varyag, the major ASW ship Admiral Panteleyev and the large ship tanker Boris Butoma continues its visit to the Indian port of Visakhapatnam in the state of Andhra-Pradesh.

In accordance with the previously approved plan, the crews of Russian and Indian warships began implementing the coastal (preparatory) phase of the Indra Navy 2018 bilateral Russian-Indian naval exercise. As part of this phase of the exercise, several follow-up meetings have been held on the upcoming activities of the forces at sea, including briefings for inspection groups and marine units, tactical flying, and security briefing. The seamen of the two countries participated in a joint damage control training at the shore training complex.

The sea phase of the Indra Navy 2018 exercise is to begin on December 13 and is to be held in the Bay of Bengal near the port of Visakhapatnam. The main theme of the exercise will be naval cooperation between the two countries to protect shipping and economic activities at sea


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