CNO Releases 'A Design for Maintaining Maritime Superiority, Version 2.0'
(Source: US Navy; issued Dec 17, 2018)
WASHINGTON --- Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson released ‘A Design for Maintaining Maritime Superiority, Version 2.0,’ Dec. 17.

The document is an update to the earlier ‘A Design for Maintaining Maritime Superiority, Version 1.0,’ released in January 2016.

“Version 2.0 reflects the first reevaluation of Version 1.0,” said Richardson. “This update ensures the Navy’s alignment with the most current strategic guidance, assesses the progress made since Version 1.0, and validates the initial design’s characterization of the strategic environment.”

As in Version 1.0, Version 2.0 is structured along four Lines of Efforts (LOEs). Version 2.0 updates the tasks supporting the LOEs to establish new and ambitious goals that will accelerate the Navy’s progress.

The four LOEs are:
-- Strengthen Naval Power at and from the Sea
-- Achieve High-Velocity Outcomes
-- Strengthen Our Navy Team for the Future
-- Expand and Strengthen Our Network of Partners

The updated document also expands on the four core attributes of integrity, accountability, initiative, and toughness. These attributes are intended to define the Navy’s professional identity and guide Navy leaders in making command decisions in decentralized operations.

“Version 2.0 accounts for the increasingly contested and complex world we operate in,” said Richardson. “This sets a framework by which the Navy will continue to prepare, fight, and win.”

Click here for the full document (20 PDF pages) on the US Navy website.


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