KAI Light Armed Helicopter (LAH) Roll-out Ceremony
(Source: Defense-Aerospace.com; posted Dec 19, 2018)
PARIS --- Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) yesterday (Dec. 18) rolled out the first Light Armed Helicopter it has produced under contract for the Republic of Korea Army.

KAI plans to produce at least 200 to replace the Korean Army’s fleet of ageing MD500 Defenders as well as part of its fleet of AH-1S Cobras, and also plans to offer it on the international market.

The LAH program is a partnership between Airbus Helicopters & KAI to develop a 4.9 ton-class light helicopter derived from the Airbus H155B1 (formerly EC155) Dauphin, which first flew in 1997.

Roll-out of the first Light Armed Helicopter. (KAI video)

The LAH will operate alongside the Boeing AH-64E Guardians already in Korean Army service. It is armed with a chin-mounted 20mm rotating gun turret, rockets, and anti-tank guided missiles, and comes equipped with the latest aircraft survivability and sensor suites.


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