China Flight Tests New Submarine-Launched Missile: First flight of JL-3 nuclear missile conducted in November (excerpt)
(Source: Free Beacon; posted Dec 18, 2018)
China carried out a flight test of a new submarine-launched ballistic missile last month that will carry multiple nuclear warheads capable of targeting most of the United States, according to American defense officials.

The launch in late November was the first time the Chinese military flight tested the Julong-3, or JL-3 missile that will be deployed with the next generation of ballistic missile submarines, said officials familiar with the test who said it appeared successful. Julong is Chinese for Big Wave.

The test was closely monitored by U.S. intelligence agencies that detected the launch with missile warning satellites.

No additional details of the flight test could be learned. Pentagon spokesmen declined to comment. "The Pentagon will not comment on the intelligence related to Chinese missile tests," said Lt. Col. Chris Logan, one of the spokesmen.

China's missile force announced, without elaborating, that five missile flight tests were conducted between Nov. 20 and 23. (end of excerpt)

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