Partnership Contract Between the Defence Forces and Würth Finland
(Source: Finnish Ministry of Defence; issued Dec 21, 2018)
Minister of Defence Jussi Niinistö has authorised the Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command to sign a partnership contract with Würth Finland.

The partnership contract between the Defence Forces and Würth Finland will create a comprehensive overall services solution, which applies to all readiness conditions covered by the partnership in Finland and in international assignments.

The Defence Forces and Würth Finland also concluded a war economy agreement, which is to safeguard the operation and maintenance of logistics systems in exceptional conditions. The partnership services include, for example, the supply of small equipment, materials, tools and protection equipment necessary in maintaining the systems and in carrying out work duties.

The cooperation between the Defence Forces and Würth Finland, which started in 1990, expanded into a nationwide agreement in 2001. The cooperation has developed and deepened in the course of the years and gradually advanced towards a partnership. The aim of this contract is to make the collaboration an integral element of comprehensive defence; that is, Würth Finland's services for the Defence Forces will be part of the Defence Forces' logistics systems.

The total value of the partnership contract services will be approximately EUR 3.5–4.5 million a year, and the contract will be in force until further notice. Its domestic employment effect will be approximately 35 person-years.


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