Sweden's New ASW-Torpedo is Developed with a Modern Design Technology
(Source: Swedish Defence Materiel Agency, FMV; issued Dec 21, 2018)
“FMV's supplier uses Model Based Definition, MBD, which grants FMV a better means to review the design during the development,” says Magnus Lind, project manager for the new light weight torpedo at FMV.

In the development of Sweden's next generation ASW-torpedo, the supplier, Saab Dynamics, uses Model Based Definition, MBD. The method speeds up the development process from the drawing board to the product and. It also supports an earlier start of production and an easier view of the future maintenance plan. At the same time giving a quick feedback to the design team.

“We are cutting costs in the development and production phases. Already two years after the major development work started, we could conduct trials with the first prototype in water,” says Matteo Perrone, responsible for the vehicle part in the project at FMV.

With MBD, 3D models are used for all areas, even where two-dimensional drawings are traditionally used. The advantage is that all measurements are already in the model, and it allows you to skip a few steps before production.

Shorter lead times

MBD is also a powerful support in the early development and design phases. Customizations and changes can be quickly evaluated directly in the model. Even the basis for an assembly process, manufacturing- and delivery control or a design review can easily be produced using MBD tool in 3D.

That all use the same data and have access to the same 3D surface also means fewer audits.

“Shorter time for decision-making, fewer reviews and thus shorter lead times from construction to finished article. This is a result that we can clearly see in completed reviews," says Magnus Lind, Project Manager, New Light Weight Torpedo at FMV.

Good insight for FMV in the development work.

Working with MBD as a reviewer has given FMV a great opportunity to be involved and updated on the latest changes that the supplier has made in its construction. For example, in a complex project like NLT, the transition between the first and second prototype vehicles has gone smoothly.

“We have been able to follow the work more easily and with a transparency of all parts of the vessel at any time during development phases,” says Matteo Perrone. “A concrete example is the work in ILS. Personnel from the FSV Torpedo Workshop can quickly see how decided designs affect preparation or restoration, which can then streamline and enhance the safety of that work.”

Facts about MBD

The basic definition of MBD is that you use 3D models to define both individual components and assemblies using a 3D CAD system. In addition to pure geometry and tolerance of components or assemblies, the model may even contain data on single component materials or material lists for assemblies, configuration variants, and other design information.

In addition to the advantages in a design and production perspective, the ability to collect all this data directly in the model also has advantages from a systems engineering perspective.


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