Inter-ministerial Meeting on the 'Eurofighter' Program
(Source: Spanish Ministry of Defence; issued Dec 18, 2018)
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During the past 13th and 14th of December the ministerial meeting of the 'Eurofighter' program was held in Florence, whose presidency corresponded to Italy on this occasion.

The meeting was attended by the Secretary of State for Defense, Ángel Olivares, as well as his counterparts from Germany, Italy and a representative from the United Kingdom. Also attending were the executives of the main European defense aviation companies (Airbus D & S, Alenia AerMacchi, BAE Systems and Eurojet) and representatives of the NATO agency NETMA.

The purpose of these regular meetings between Secretaries of State of the nations of the 'Eurofighter' is to give continuity and promote this program so relevant to European Defense. On this occasion, the main topics dealt with were the future of the 'Eurofighter', the evolution of its capabilities, the incorporation of the electronic scanning radar (ESCAN), the relationship with the air combat system of the future (FCAS / NGWS) and the transformation of program management.

During the meeting, the Secretary of State announced the approval by the Council of Ministers of a ceiling on the spending ceiling of the program that will allow it to face up-to-date updates.

There was also talk of the export campaigns, as well as the intentions of the partners to place new aircraft orders during 2019. In this sense, both Spain and Germany announced that next year they will consider the option of ordering more 'Eurofighter' to replace its fleets of F-18 and 'Tornado' respectively.


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