In 2019 Long-Range Aviation to be Reinforced by Four Modernised Strategic Bombers
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Jan 04, 2019)
"The ongoing organisation will keep in service and extend the life of these long-range aircraft up to 45-50 years. They will be equipped with fundamentally new avionics of the crew cabin. On-board system will replace radio-electronic complex equipped with integrated information and control environment.

The complex will be equipped with such advanced systems as: inertial, astro-inertial systems, satellite navigation systems, near-navigation radio-technical systems, air signal systems, onboard defence complex, electronic warfare complex. As Commander of the Long-Range Aviation Lieutenant General Sergei Kobylash stated, the aircraft will be able to use both existing weapons and advanced aircraft armament of extended range.

The long-aviation crews have successfully completed plans for flight, combat training and warfare in 2018. The total flight time of the crews exceeded 20 hours.

Under the leadership of the Commander of Long-Range Aviation, commanders of formations and military units, more than 40 flight and tactical exercises and special exercises with units and support units were conducted.


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