DLA, TRANSCOM Picked for F-35 Parts Distribution and Warehousing (excerpt)
(Source: Air Force Magazine; posted Jan 04, 2019)
John A. Tirpak
The Pentagon has decided the Defense Logistics Agency and US Transportation Command will perform Global Transportation and Distribution and Warehousing, respectively, of F-35 parts for the global F-35 enterprise, the Joint Program Office announced Friday.

The transition to DLA/TRANSCOM-managed distribution and storage will happen over the next 12-24 months, the JPO reported.

The choice is the second in a series of designations regarding the sustainment of the worldwide F-35 enterprise. Previous announcements designated F-35 airframe and engine overhaul and depot maintenance centers in the Pacific, North America, and Europe. Regional centers for these Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul & Upkeep (MRO&U) activities allow F-35s to receive the care they need within the region in which they’re deployed, avoiding the need to move them thousands of miles back to the factory or a US-based depot for service.

Those previous picks were competitive. The JPO said the Pentagon considered data from other F-35 international partners, Foreign Military Sales customers, and DOD providers before making its selection. These submissions were “evaluated … for best value.” The choice “will facilitate movement of materiel around the world, through a single integrator.”

Program executive officer Vice Adm. Mat Winter said in a statement the support enterprise for the F-35 needs to grow “in concert with our planned assignments to ensure we have affordable MRO&U capacity to meet the planned operational delivery timelines.” (end of excerpt)

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