S. Korean, U.S. Defense Chiefs Vow Stronger Alliance to Support Diplomacy
(Source: The Korea Times; issued Jan 08, 2019)
South Korean and the United States defense chiefs agreed Tuesday to maintain a robust alliance and combat readiness in supporting diplomacy for denuclearization and a peace regime, Seoul's defense ministry said.

In their phone talks, Defense Minister Jeong Kyeong-doo and acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan "reaffirmed that South Korea and the U.S. will maintain the alliance and combined defense posture unshakably in any change of conditions," according to the Ministry of National Defense.

They noted that the allies had successfully cooperated to back up peace efforts and agreed to keep the "momentum" going forward, it added.

The ministry said Jong and Shanahan spoke with "very friendly and amicable feeling."

Shanahan has been leading the Pentagon since last week, after Jim Mattis left the post in December.

Shanahan became deputy secretary of defense in July 2017, having worked at Boeing for three decades.


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