Konteiner Newest Over-the-Horizon Detection Radar to Take on Combat Alert Duty in 2019
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Jan 08, 2019)
The Konteiner newest over-the-horizon detection radar will take on combat alert duty in 2019.

Combat crews of radio-technical units of the Russian Aerospace Forces have taken on test combat duty on December 1, 2018. They also participate in state trials of this radar.

"Over the last five years the number of new radars entering the service with the troops has increased by more than 10 times. The number of automation systems increased by 30 percent. Every year, more than 70 modern and prospective radar stations and complexes are delivered to the radio-technical units”, Major General Andrei Koban, Commander of the Radio-Technical Troops of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

The Konteiner radar can detect air targets in the sector of 240 degrees at a distance of over 2,500 km.


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