Domestic Software to Give Turkey Full Control Over Missile Systems Purchased from Abroad (excerpt)
(Source: Daily Sabah; published Jan 07, 2019)
By Nur Özkan Erbay
ANKARA --- In order to exercise full control of missile systems Turkey purchased from abroad, the country has been working on developing stand-alone controller systems, particularly for the S-400 missile system that Ankara has agreed to purchase from Russia.

With the goal of expanding its missile system capacity, Turkey aimed to meet its needs by purchasing Russia's S-400 system because the country's NATO ally, the U.S., failed to provide the Patriot system. However, Turkey's decision to buy the Russian-developed system caused tension with the U.S., which even went as far as blocking the delivery of F-35 jets to Turkey.

"The arguments over the coexistence of F-35 jets and the S-400 missile system in the same military inventory have not been substantiated. Turkey has taken some precautions to develop its own stand-alone systems and still continues to work with EUROSAM.

“We have called upon our U.S. partners to elaborate on their arguments, but so far have received no compelling answers. Therefore, we have invited them to Ankara to negotiate the process," Defense Industry President İsmail Demir said yesterday at a meeting in the Turkish capital Ankara. “The U.S. delegation will visit Ankara in the upcoming days," Demir said.

Turkey had been trying to purchase the air defense system from the U.S. for some time but was never able to get a commitment from Washington when it was needed most. As the U.S. failed to meet the defense needs of Turkey and risked losing its NATO ally, Turkey turned to Russia and decided to purchase Russia's S-400 missile system in 2017, which caused a major political impasse between the two countries.

Stand-alone software systems to be deployed on the S-400s enable Turkey to navigate and differentiate friend/enemy targets while the systems operate fully under the country's control.

"We agreed with Russia that it would be national system when we purchased it. So, we think the system is adequate and compatible with other systems," Demir said. (end of excerpt)

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Turkey to Listen to US Concerns Over S-400s (excerpt)
(Source: Hurriyet Daily News; published Jan 08, 2019)
By Serkan Demirtaş
ANKARA --- The United States will send a technical team to Turkey in the coming weeks to express specific concerns over the latter’s purchase of the Russian S-400 air defense systems, particularly in regards to the flight safety of the U.S.’s F-35 aircraft, the head of the Turkish defense industry body has said, in a development that followed the U.S.’s Patriot missile system offer to the Turkish government.

“We have constantly been hearing about the potential harms and problems over the stealth fighter qualification of the F-35s in the event of its deployment to a place close to the S-400s. And we have always informed our counterparts about measures we have been taking. But although these have been raised for more than a year, we have never had a team visiting us to clarify what the technical risks are,” İsmail Demir, the head of the Defense Industry Presidency, told journalists at a meeting in Ankara on Jan. 7.

“We have told them several times to come and explain all their concerns if they think these are serious ones. Now, after all this, they have told us they will send a team in the coming weeks,” he said.


Aware of all these concerns, Demir reiterated that Turkey will use the Russian system as stand-alone equipment without integrating it with other weaponry or radar systems. “The system we will use will have its own radar, own threat-detection and own tracking system. We are thinking of an architecture that won’t be integrated with other systems,” Demir stated.

He also touched on the agreement with Russia on Turkey’s introduction of its own software and identification of the friend or foe system to the S-400s, adding that the capabilities of these systems were sufficient in Turkey’s needs in terms of both its radar and tracking systems. “Russians do understand this, because it’s about the sovereignty of a country.” (end of excerpt)

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