Troops Conduct First Training with the Use of Sopka-2 Enroute Radar Facility on Wrangel Island
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Jan 10, 2019)
A separate radar unit stationed on Wrangel Island in Eastern Military District held the first training using the Sopka-2 enroute radar facility.

According to the plan, a group of small-size targets were making a flight at different altitude and speed [simulating an] adversary's unmanned aerial vehicles.

An enroute radar facility was used during the training in order to receive and process information about the flight data of the small-size targets.

The radar unit timely detected and identified over 10 air targets. Information about them was collected and transmitted to the air defence commnad post of the district.

The Sopka-2 Enroute Radar Facility was commissioned on Wrangel Island in 2016.


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