Japan’s Self-Defense Forces to Develop Electronic Attack Aircraft to Disrupt Enemy Radar and Communications (excerpt)
(Source: The Japan News by Yomiuri Shimbun; posted Jan 13, 2019)
The government has decided to develop electronic attack aircraft that disable enemy radar and communications by equipping Self-Defense Forces’ transport and patrol planes with powerful jamming equipment, multiple government sources said.

The goal is to counter China and Russia, both of which are increasing their electronic warfare capabilities.

The plan to develop electronic attack aircraft is in line with the National Defense Program Guidelines, which stipulate the reinforcement of Japan’s capabilities to “neutralize radar, communications, and other means of counterparts intending to invade [Japan].” The guidelines were approved by the Cabinet in December. The SDF plans to begin the full-fledged development process next fiscal year.

Specifically, the Air Self-Defense Force’s C-2 transport plane and the Maritime Self-Defense Force’s P-1 patrol plane would be equipped with jamming equipment, sources said. (end of excerpt)

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