Indra 2019 to be Held in Republic of India
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Jan 16, 2019)
The joint Russian-Indian military exercise Indra 2019 is planned to be held at one of the training grounds of the Republic of India.

At the upcoming planning conferences, the organization of an international doctrine in an interspecific format will be considered, in particular with the involvement of the land, aviation and maritime component. The experience and skills of conducting maneuvers at such a level were received by the command and units of the BBO in 2017 during their participation in Indra exercise.

The time, place, composition of the forces and means of the future exercise is yet to be agreed with the Indian side during the preparatory consultations.

In total, 500 servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the Republic of India were involved in Indra international exercise.

The Eastern Military District sent tank, motorized rifle, reconnaissance units with its small arms, ammunition, means of imitation, communications and optical instruments. The Indian side provided combat equipment for practicing practical actions by the Russian military.

During the exercise, Russian and Indian servicemen practiced joint planning of a peacekeeping operation, the order of interaction between the headquarters and the ground forces, as well as tactical actions to neutralize groups of conditional illegal armed groups.

In addition, during the exercise, joint lectures, firing exercises, and demonstration of weapons and military equipment were held.


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