PTDI Develops Advanced Armed CN235 Aircraft
(Source: compiled by; posted Jan 17, 2019)
An Indonesian-built CN-235. Indonesia’s state-owned aerospace manufacturer, Dirgantara Indonesia, is developing a gunship version of this aircraft and hopes to fly a prototype and begin flight-testing this year. (DI photo)
PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero) is currently developing a variant of the CN235 aircraft equipped with weapons, or gunship. It is a further development of CN235 aircraft which were previously produced by PTDI.

PTDI Production Director Arie Wibowo confirmed that the company was upgrading aircraft that had previously been produced.

"Yes, indeed we are developing a variant of our legacy product CN235, with the capability as a gunship version," he said in Jakarta on Wednesday.

He added that the development of an armed variant of CN235 aircraft, with special equipment, is intended to meet national security needs in Indonesia’s territorial waters and borders.

"We develop this to meet the needs of civil security, especially the waters and also the national borders," he said.

The aircraft is expected to help fight fishing thieves, human trafficking, and drug trafficking.

"This is the innovation of PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero) which is aimed at the possible needs” of various security ministries and police forces, he added.

The CN235 gunship is currently in the basic aircraft finishing process, and weapons testing is carried out separately. However, the details of the weapons cannot be specified by PTDI. However, it is possible to cooperate with Pindad.

"It is possible that later, when there are customers, we will work together with Pindad as a form of synergy," he explained.

The CN235 Gunship is expected to fly this year. "I hope we can both fly it and start flight testing in 2019," he added.


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