AIA Welcomes Missile Defense Review
(Source: Aerospace Industries Association; issued Jan 17, 2019)
ARLINGTON, Va. --- Today’s release of the 2019 Missile Defense Review, highlighted by President Trump’s speech, is a welcome commitment by the Administration to improve America’s missile defenses. We look forward to learning more details when the President’s Budget Request is released later this year.

“Budget constraints and shifting missile defense priorities have hampered the development of our missile defense capabilities,” said AIA Vice President for National Security Policy John Luddy. “We need renewed investment and greater attention to missile defense to ensure our nation’s security.”

The capabilities of our potential adversaries are rapidly becoming more sophisticated. Near-peer competitors like China and Russia are making significant investments to enhance and add new capability to their arsenals, while North Korea, Iran and other rogue nations may soon be able to deploy ballistic missiles that threaten American interests at home and abroad.

AIA has consistently advocated for more missile defense funding. We also support new approaches to tackling the challenge of boost phase missile defense and better ways to identify and counter the hypersonic weapons that China and Russia are actively pursuing.

“We especially welcome the Review’s call for increased focus on improved space systems,” said AIA Vice President for Space Systems Frank Slazer. “Some of the current generation space-based missile warning satellites are operating beyond their design lives, and follow-on systems – which take years to develop and field – are still in the study phase.”

“Our industry is committed to our nation’s defense,” Luddy said. “We will use our technology and talent to support DOD as it seeks to protect American citizens against these and other threats.”


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