Inter-Governmental Talks About Future of WISŁA and NAREW Systems at PGZ
(Source: PZG; dated Jan 23, posted Feb 05, 2019)
On 22-24 January a meeting took place at the offices of Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa in Warsaw attended by the representatives of the governments of Poland, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America, foreign arms corporations, as well as the PGZ-WISŁA Consortium.

During these three days’ long workshops the parties involved discussed the subjects of integrating the Polish elements of the WISŁA/NAREW system with the IBCS system as well as potential effectors.

These inter-governmental negotiations are another step towards the completion of the anti-aircraft and anti-missile defence programmes WISŁA and NAREW. The talks concerned, among other things, the integration and compatibility of the Polish guidance and command systems with the IBCS anti-air defence management system as well as integration of foreign production effectors in the context of their use in the works on the NAREW system.

“Meetings on this level are the best proof of the fact that the works on the creation of a multi-tier anti-aircraft and anti-missile defence system are progressing smoothly. For PGZ these programmes are an opportunity to acquire a wide range of competencies with respect to products in this category and to include our companies in the supply chains of foreign corporations. The Group has high hopes for the completion of the NAREW programme, and it is during meetings like this that we are able to demonstrate our readiness to commence the work on this project,” said Sebastian Chwałek, vice-president of PGZ S.A..

The NAREW programme provides for the acquisition of a battery of short-range anti-aircraft missile systems for the Polish Armed Forces. This programme also acts as the middle rung in the integrated anti-aircraft system being designed that will also comprise the WISŁA and the PILICA systems, among other things. One of the tasks fulfilled by the NAREW systems will be the defence of concentrations of Land Forces, where the new solutions will be replacing the current, modernised Kub and Osa systems.

WISŁA is the largest technical modernisation programme in the history of Polish Armed Forces and pertains to the acquisition of medium-range anti-aircraft and anti-missile defence systems based on the Patriot and IBCS systems. It acts as the top rung in the multi-tier Polish airspace defence system that will also comprise the NAREW and the above-mentioned PILICA systems, among other things.

The main purpose of this programme is to combat a broad spectrum of airstrike measures as well as defence of critical state infrastructure.


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