Turkish Defense Giant ASELSAN Upgrades F-16 Jets with National Self-Protection System
(Source: Yeni Şafak; posted Feb 07, 2019)
Turkish defense giant ASELSAN has equipped the country’s F-16 fighter jet fleet with the newly-developed indigenous electronic self-protection system.

The EW self-protection suite (SPEWS-II) is an advanced, internally mounted self-protection system specifically designed for F-16 Block 50-C aircraft.

Providing complete self-protection, it features an integrated Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) and Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) Suite against ballistic missile threats, providing pilots with situational awareness and deceptive RF jamming. The AN/ALQ-178 (V) 5+ provides intelligent control of chaff/ flare dispenser systems for enhanced and coordinated ECM response.

So far, 22 F-16 fighter jets have been equipped with the new self-protection system.

The domestic development of this electronic system marks an important milestone for Turkey’s growing defense industry. (enf of excerpt)

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