Turkey Eyes Arms Export Deal with Qatar Worth ‘Hundreds of Millions of Dollars’ (excerpt)
(Source: Yeni Şafak; posted Feb 06, 2019)
The T-155 Firtina self-propelled howitzer is a Turkish-developed variant of South Korea’s K9, fitted with Turkish equipment and a heavily modified turret. Turkey is negotiating a major deal to provide these vehicles to Qatar. (Twitter photo)
Turkish [Firtina 155mm self-propelled] howitzers set to be exported to Qatar could come with domestically-produced motors, according to military analysts, after Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar revealed that Ankara is on the verge of signing a major arms export agreement with Doha.

The deal could be worth at least “hundreds of millions of dollars,” according to military experts. Qatar had previously signed a similar agreement with Germany, ordering 2,000 howitzers from the EU giant.

“If the deal stipulates delivering the howitzers within three years, that could mean they can possibly come with ‘made in Turkey’ motors,” pointed one military analyst to Yeni Şafak daily.

A summit organized by Turkish defense giant ASELSAN gave momentum to Turkey’s forward trajectory on the issue of “nationalizing” the country’s defense industry by bringing together 2,000 of Turkey’s leading industrialists under one roof. (end of excerpt)

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