Delivery of PC-24 to the Confederation Air Transport Service
(Source: Swiss Dept. of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport; issued Feb 18, 2019)
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The Swiss Air Force has replaced a US-made business jet with the Swiss-made Pilatus PC-24 for its government transport service; based at Berne-Belp airfield, it is available for government flights. (Pilatus photo)
BERN --- The new business jet of the air transport service has been handed over today to the Confederation and the Air Force.

The new Confederation Air Transport Business Jet (STAC) was delivered today in the presence of Ueli Maurer, President and Representative of the Confederation, Oskar J. Schwenk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pilatus, as well as the divisional Bernhard Müller, commander of the Swiss Air Force. The Pilatus PC-24 is stationed at the federal base at Berne-Belp airport and is now available to the government for travel.

The journey from PC-24 to STAC

Evaluations for the acquisition of a PC-24 Pilatus for Confederation Air Transport Service (STAC) started in 2013/2014. The decision to buy, taken by the Federal Council in July 2014, as well as public announcements made during the inaugural ceremony and anniversary at Pilatus on August 1, 2014, marked the launch of the PC-24 project for the STAC.

After its production, and the acceptance procedure by armasuisse, commissioned by the Confederation to carry out the acquisition of the business jet, the Confederation took possession of the new Pilatus PC-24.

The project ended with the symbolic delivery of the "keys" of the aircraft by the chairman of the board, Oskar J. Schwenk, to the President of the Confederation, Ueli Maurer.

In the future, the Swiss government will move in a plane developed and manufactured in Switzerland. The PC-24 is piloted by Swiss Air Force pilots. This aircraft, produced in Switzerland, replaces a jet that has reached the end of its life.


Swiss Government Receives Pilatus PC-24 and Now Flies in Typically Swiss Style
(Source: Pilatus Aircraft Ltd.; issued Feb 18, 2019)
The Swiss government officially took delivery of the Pilatus PC-24 ordered in 2014 on 18 February 2019. The brand-new PC-24 Super Versatile Jet replaces a business jet supplied by a North American manufacturer and previously used for government flights.

Ueli Maurer, President of the Swiss Confederation, took delivery of the PC-24 at a simple handover ceremony held in Berne. The Swiss Air Force will operate the aircraft for the Swiss government. The government jet sports a modern, white-grey livery with striking Swiss cross on the tail fin plus the words "Swiss Air Force". The aircraft serial number is 121, indicating that it is the 21st PC-24 to come off the production line. The military registration is T-786.

"I'm delighted the Swiss government opted for a Swiss product, and will travel aboard the PC-24 – the new 'Swiss Air Force One' – in the future! This choice sends a very important signal for our brand-new business jet. I'm confident that other governments will adopt the PC-24 once they see the unrivalled opportunities and flexibility which it offers", commented Pilatus Chairman Oscar J. Schwenk.

Cost-effective and versatile

The generous cabin with flat floor offers sufficient space for eight passengers plus crew and luggage. In addition to the spacious cabin and speed, government passengers will also enjoy other benefits such as the large cargo door fitted as standard and the jet's ability to use very short runways. In other words, the Swiss Federal Councillors can now fly closer to their final destination, thereby saving precious time.

The aircraft will be used primarily for travel within Europe. The PC-24 has a range of 2,000 nautical miles (3,704 kilometres) and flies at a speed of 440 knots (815 kilometres per hour). The PC-24 is much less expensive to operate than jets of similar cabin size.

Pilatus is proud and thanks the Swiss government for its confidence in the brand-new Swiss business jet by Pilatus. The management and all employees are delighted that from now on, the government will fly in typical Swiss style: with the Pilatus PC-24.


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