Winning: ALIS Is A Troublesome Bitch
(Source: The Strategy Page; posted Feb 20, 2019)
American and foreign users of the F-35 fighter all have one major complaint: ALIS (Autonomic Logistics Information System). ALIS does not work and when it seems like it is working it is often working against the user.

In development for over a decade, ALIS was not considered ready for users until 2016, or 2017 or 2018 depending on who you ask. ALIS has already cost over half a billion dollars to develop and the developer (Lockheed-Martin, manufacturer of the F-35) is being give a new contract to build a new version of ALIS that works.

Lockheed-Martin, in cooperation with the U.S. Navy and Air Force, created ALIS and its software to handle aircraft maintenance more efficiently. ALIS was developed with the F-35 in mind and as an automated supply system and maintenance scheduler that would eventually be used by most other American military aircraft.

ALIS was more than just an automated method for ordering spare parts, special maintenance equipment and services. ALIS was meant to be integrated with mission planning software systems (used by F-35 pilots and units to plan missions) and fleet management (to provide data on all F-35s a user controls).

Lockheed-Martin would also use all the data collected to determine which upgrades or fixes were needed for F-35 components. So far it has not worked as expected.

Foreign customers have additional complaints because ALIS is being forced on them and one of those customers, Israel, has refused to depend on ALIS exclusively for F-35 maintenance and other services.

Another problem foreign customers have is that all the information on their ALIS-supported aircraft the system will collect and send back to the United States. Some of this data (like who is flying a mission and what the mission is for) is protected by local laws and that, plus continued software development problems, are bothering foreign F-35 users. (end of excerpt)

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