Large Surface Combatant RFI - Shipbuilders
(Source: US Naval Sea Systems Command; issued Feb 19, 2019)
The US Navy has issued two Requests for Information (RFI) related to its future Large Surface Combatant requirement on the Federal Business Opportunities website, one for Shipbuilders (see below) and the other for Systems Providers (link at foot of this page).


A requirements analysis process for a Future Surface Combatant Force (FSCF) is being conducted by the U.S. Navy. The Future Surface Combatant Force is envisioned to include Large Surface Combatants (LSC), Small Surface Combatants (SSC), Optionally Manned or Unmanned Surface Vehicles (O/USV) and a common Integrated Combat System (ICS).

The Navy is currently developing requirements for a LSC as part of the FSCF vision.

The Navy's LSC Program will be a new acquisition program that will leverage the DDG 51 Flight III combat system while identifying and evaluating the integration of non-developmental mechanical and electrical systems into a new or modified hull design, incorporating platform flexibility and growth opportunities to meet future Fleet requirements.

The Navy intends to evaluate the following capability areas for possible integration into the initial LSC baseline:
• Ability to integrate Warfare System elements including the DDG 51 Fight III and the weapon systems listed below.

• Increased flexibility/adaptability features such as expanded Space, Weight, Power and Cooling Service Life Allowances to allow for more rapid and affordable upgrades in capabilities and maintenance over the ships' service life, and allow for fielding of future high demand electric weapons and sensors, and computing resources.

• The ability of the ship's Vertical Launch System to accommodate longer and larger diameter missiles for increased speed and range of weapons.

• Additional capacity for an embarked warfare commander and staff.

• Support for 360-degree coverage with Directed Energy weapons.

• Improved signatures with support for additional improvements over time.

Potential ship designs will look to accommodate the above capability increases, with a consideration towards additional growth capacity for projected future systems requirements. Designs will also look to incorporate flexibility features to enable timely and affordable back-fit and forward-fit of future systems to pace known threats, and meet future emergent needs through evolutionary block upgrades and modernization.

The Navy is seeking industry insight as part of market research to support the requirements development and design effort for the LSC. The Navy is particularly interested in innovative methods to meet the requirements of an LSC including the capability intent described above.

This is one of two RFIs on this subject. This RFI is focused on shipbuilders, ship designers, and ship and combat system integrators. While the shipbuilding and design industry is the primary target of this RFI, the Navy is also interested in input from academia, professional organizations, and/or other non-traditional defense contracting entities, to include OTA consortiums and those with skill and experience in the design and production of large surface combatants or similarly complex manufacturing or production processes.

Partial responses to this RFI are encouraged. A respondent need not respond to all questions for their responses to be considered.

The Navy may conduct an Industry Day as a follow up to the release of this RFI to allow for further discussion between industry and the government. If it occurs, the event will be classified and require attendees to have active security clearances and be U.S. citizens. Space will be limited and a company/organization may send no more than two representatives.

Organizations wishing to participate in an Industry Day should contact Ms. Lauren C. Ayers ( to provide contact information for the potential participants. Should an industry day be held, participants must be cleared in advance in order to attend.

Request for Information:

The Navy is interested in obtaining market information pertinent to a new ship class of Large Surface Combatants. A requirements analysis process has been conducted to determine initial draft requirements. Once requirements are sufficiently mature the Navy would likely conduct a government led Preliminary Design (PD) and Contract Design (CD) followed by industry-led Detail Design and Construction contract(s).

The level of Industry involvement in the PD and CD phases has not yet been determined but will likely be either focused, funded studies and/or as members of an integrated design team.

(Follows a list of 23 questions which the US Navy would like industry to answer.)

Click here for the full RFI, on the FBO website.

Click here for the companion RFI for systems providers, on the FBO website.


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