DGA and Armed Forces Chief of Staff Sign the Implementation Guide for the New Version of the Ministerial Order for the Conduct of Armament Operations
(Source: French defence procurement agency, DGA, issued March 01, 2019)
The Director-General for Armaments, Joël Barre, and the Armed Forces Chief of Staff, Gen. François Lecointre, signed on February 19, 2019 the implementation guide for the new version of the ministerial instruction on armament operations (IMOA), so far nicknamed "1516 NG".

This instruction defines the progress of armament operations. Its evolution, directed by Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly, is one of the pillars of the transformation of the DGA. It simplifies and accelerates the equipment acquisition cycle. The IMOA is now becoming the reference and the new, simpler and more collaborative way of working in armament operations.

What changes

-- Ministerial Instruction No. 1516 of 2008 on the conduct of armament programs, very detailed, has been revised to adapt to all weapons operations: it is more synthetic, just a few pages long, with flexible principles applicable to both large and small operations.

-- The acquisition cycle is simplified from six stages to three phases (preparation, implementation, use) throughout an equipment’s life cycle, to promote agility and to accelerate processes, while continuing to master costs, time and performance. The systematic search for cooperation, especially at European level, and the consideration of exportability and sovereignty, are also new principles put forward.

-- The expression of the military need by the forces, and then its translation by the DGA into technical specifications to support contracts to industry previously represented two successive stages. Henceforth, they are grouped together into a single document developed jointly by operational soldiers, DGA engineers and industrialists in the context of state-industry collaborative platforms. This will reduce upstream delays in the development of new equipment.

Downstream, the logic will be the same, with a program of tests and experiments that becomes a common effort by DGA and the forces.

-- Armament operations will more frequently include increments to incorporate innovations that are maturing in the meantime, particularly in the digital domain. They will result in successive versions of equipment that will remain at the best state-of-the-art throughout their service life.


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