TASS: China Has Become the First Foreign Customer of S-400 Triumf
(Source: TASS; published March 06, 2019)
MOSCOW --- About 100 Chinese military servicemen will undergo a course of instruction in Russia in March-June in the operation of the air defense system S-400 Triumf. They will be trained to operate the second regimental set of this system, to be handed over to China in the second half of the year, a military-diplomatic source told TASS.

"About 100 military servicemen from the People’s Liberation Army of China will undergo instruction at a Russian training center in the operation and combat uses of the second regimental set of the S-400 system, to be provided to China in the second half of the year," the source said.

The federal service for military-technical cooperation has refrained from comment.

China has become the first foreign customer of the S-400 Triumf. The contract was signed for two regimental sets. The first one was delivered last spring. In December 2018, China successfully used the S-400s at its proving grounds to hit ballistic and aerodynamic targets.


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